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KAI Health Services Inc. (KHS) was formed to provide exposure to private healthcare businesses for client portfolios at KAI Asset Management Inc. KHS is a private corporation that owns and operates private healthcare businesses such as pharmacies and medical clinics. Healthcare was chosen as a target sector due to a rising target customer market, the demand for services being non-cyclical in nature, and the businesses typically require minimal capital expenditures to maintain.

Direct ownership of KHS shares is available only to KAI Asset Management Inc. clients who are “Qualified Clients” in accordance with KAI Asset Management policy and for whom KHS shares are a suitable investment.

This webpage is provided for general information purposes only and is not intended to be a solicitation of an offering of securities. The information expressed herein may change without notice. This website is not intended to constitute investment advice to any specific person. 

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KAI Asset Management is registered as a portfolio manager and exempt market dealer in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Ontario, and as an investment fund manager in Manitoba and Ontario.

“Qualified Clients” as mentioned above are those who meet prescribed levels of financial assets or income, and who are sophisticated investors who can accept the risks associated with an illiquid investment including a substantial or complete loss of investment. KAI Asset Management is currently subject to terms and conditions on its registration and is not accepting new clients. An affiliate of KAI Asset Management, KAI Holdings Inc. (KHI), controls KHS, and charges fees based on ongoing management agreements. KHI is a related issuer of KAI Asset Management under applicable securities law. Details of the relationship between these entities is provided to investors at the outset of their relationship with KAI Asset Management, along with other important regulatory documents. An investment in KHS is an illiquid investment and there are risks associated with private companies which might not be present in liquid securities. Investing involves significant risk. No representations or warranties of any kind are intended or should be inferred with respect to the securities described herein.